Wolf This character belongs to Takeachance32 Wolf

Vital statistics
Name Aias
Gender Male
Clan MacMora
Pack MacMora's Pack
Health Good
Status Packer
Pelt Color White and gray
Eye Color Yellow

Aias is a huge male Dire Wolf with a creamish gray coat. He also has brilliant yellow eyes.



Aias is a huge Dire Wolf. He has a well built, muscled diafram. His chest is furry and well-built, along with his thighs and fore-paws. He also has a grayish creamish white under-coat along with a gray over-coat. He has brilliant yellow eyes. He has long ears with white fur packed inside of them. Aias's coat is long, furry and glossy, his hackles are also very threatening. He has large pearly white canines, along with pinkish black gums that curls over his lips. He also has curved claws that curve out of his paws, they are also deadly in battle.


Aias is a calm, kind and gentle male wolf. Aias can be loud and bossy when he needs to be, but he trys to keep that side of him hidden. He is always seen smiling and his voice may not sound serious, but in tough times, it is. He is a out-going wolf with plenty of jokes stored inside of him. He is bipolar, but it doesn't really show in his personality. Aias is seen playing with his friends, but he is also seen being serious and prideful on his hints, even if he doesn't catch anything. He shows amazing sports manship and tends to make jokes out of everything. His friends call him goofy, but wolves who don't really know him thinks he's down right stupid. 



Aias was born to Allian and Derek. The couple were two lone wolves, and the pup just happened to come along. The two were great parents, they played with Aias and laughed with the pup, along with his brother Aelo. Aelo and Aias were best friends, due to the fact that they were all they had. But soon after this eloped, Aelo died from a disease known as Cancer.

Aias was depressed ever since he lost his brother, but he was crushed even more when his mother got shot by a two-leg hunter. His father; Derek grew sad and drepressed and feel to a point to where he couldn't care for Aias anymore. Derek left him on MacMora territory and soon enough a patrol came around and found the mewling pup. 

Ever since that, Aias grew up in MacMora Pack and lived his life as a normal, yet outstanding wolf.

In the Roleplay:Edit

Aias is first seen sitting on a rock watching over his pack, feeling great about becoming the new Chieftan. 


<- Aias in hunting mode

Aias has a puppy.


  • If he does not become the Chieftan, then he might be a Byrrigis Leader.