A beautiful white winged she-wolf with fierce ocean blue eyes. She also wears a necklace with a blue, black, and white feather hanging on it, representing her deceased father Kudo. She can also shape-shift into any type of bird, a gift from her flying ability.


Aria is a beautiful pure white she-wolf with huge white wings that spread from her sides. The wings can disappear when she puts them down, making her look as if she were a normal wolf. She can shape-shift into any type of birds that can fly, as said above. She has fierce ocean blue eyes, which they can also change color to red, blue (normal blue), green, yellow, and amber, depending on how she is feeling. Her wings also change colors to the seasons, like during spring, her wings are a light aburn color (a light brown), in the winter, they are white, in the fall, they are a tinted orange, and in the summer, they are a light shade of yellow. She has a powerful bite, with huge canines and tough molars. Her claws are sharp like a bears claw. 


Aria was born to Flyer and Kudo, two very different wolves. Flyer was a normal wolf, unlike Kudo who was a rare winged wolf (which now the rare winged wolf was Raven until Aria came along :D.) Flyer died while giving birth, for she was already too weak to carry the enchanted pup. Kudo brought Aria into the MacMyths pack, letting an unknown female wolf nurse his pup. At the time, Tytus was not the alpha, but the alpha at the time allowed to pup in. 

Aria, now a yearling, showed remarkable beauty from her mother, and a strong spirit, from her father. She discovered her ability to fly around the age of 5 months, and discovered her shape-shifting abilities after about a year. She never discovered her biological mother, because she looks so much like her foster mother.

Around the time when Aria turned two years, Kudo died from sickness. TBC

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