Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Clan MacMora
Pack MacMora Pack
Health Good
Status Packer
Pelt Color Black
Eye Color Yellow

He is a pitch black male Dire Wolf with peircing yellow eyes. He has a shaggy belly and big ears.


Before the RP:Edit

Coming soon!

In the RP:Edit

Aulus meets Mayla and instantly falls in love with her. He tells her that he doesn't think that she's different or and outcast and they're relationship sets off from there. Aulus and Mayla are seen hunting, when Aulus has no luck, Mayla catches a hare and she buries it for later. Soon after Mayla and Aulus discover Broekk and Enum fighting and Mayla runs away with Broekk. Aulus attacks Enum and warns him to stay away from Broekk. Enum finds Broekk and  takes her back, which makes Mayl ago after him while Aulus is dealing with something else. 

He hears Mayla call for help and Aulus races after the sound, attacking Enum. TBC