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Barred owl


Barred owl (Strix varia)






Guardians of Ga'Hoole; young ryb of healing; a healer

Bessie is a female Barred owl, or Strix varia.


Kindly, sweet and intellegiant, Bessie was born to be a healer.


Bessie is an pretty Barred owl, with soft brown eyes and plumage, perfectly marked with dark streaks on her chest and belly. The rest of her feathers are paler, a light brownish cream.


Guardians of Ga'HooleEdit

Bessie is the young ryb of healing. She is teaching the healing chaw about herbs, when Clove, Ank and Rue arrive. Rue has been healed by a green snake of Ambala after being clawed by a Pure One, but she isn't quite right. Bessie takes one look at her and dismisses the chaw, telling Clove to make sure she gets into a nest. Bessie sees blood at the corner of Rue's beak, and she gives her a sour-tasting herb. Benji tells Bessie in private of Rue's condition, as the same thing happened to his mother, and that Rue culd die within the hour. Bessie wilfs, and asks if there is a cure.Benji says he dosen't know, but then he remembers a book and herb belonging to his mother that could cure Rue. Bessie's eyes sparkle with hope, and she urges him to hurry.
Benji arrives back with the book and the remedy. Bessie reads the book and adds the plant to some water in a nut cup, giving it to Rue. Rue starts to heal, to the relief of Bessie and delight of Clove. Bessie promises Clove that she will take care of her, and she urges her to go tell Fayan about her slipgizzling.
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