Fang is a large, handsome,  orange and gray male wolf with dull, orange eyes. 


Fang is a huge male wolf with a grayish black under coat and a orange over coat. He has a v shape nick in his right ear, and has many scars on his muzzle, neck and face. He was been described to be handsome, despite his frightening appearance due to his scars. He has long, sharp claws, which are stained red from previous attacks or hunts. He also has long muzzle, two rows of sharp, cream colored, teeth. He is able to shapeshift into a ice breathing dragon. His dragon form is described as: plain white scales with blue tipped wings and green eyes. He is also very large.


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Fang can be bossy and quite rude, but only when he is in a bad mood. He doesn't like to talk with many other wolves, and considers himself a loner. He hangs around MacMyth only because he's a shapeshifter.