Fengo (Fies)
Vital statistics
Name Fengo (Fies)
Gender Male
Clan Watch Wolves
Pack (unknown)
Health 65%, though tiny
Status Fengo
Pelt Color White with black patches
Eye Color Blue (unusual)
Fies is a white wolf with black patches. He is the Fan~Fengo of the wiki. He Roleplayed by Edme.


A young red wolf was hiding in a small den under a river bed, with leaks coming in from cracks. Fies was the size of the red wolf's paws stuck together, though he had a glow, and his mother says, "He has a great glow to him, as if Lupus himself." His siblings-they died of cold from the river water. His half siblings were helping him by keeping him away from the water.

Soon enough, just when the pups ears had opened, the Obea had found them and taken him away. His mother called out anxiously, "My pup! If you survive this, remembe..." The Obea sent him away into a large snowy area, but Fies actually managed to make his way to the Watch Wolves, and they brought him in. He grew to be only a little larger, but he was always nicknamed 'man' (as in strong) for his ability to reach the wolves. He quickly rose through the ranks, and soon became Fengo. Though he never forgot what his mother tried to tell him.(Coming in roleplay an fan fiction soon!)

Real PictureEdit

Big, Brave, Fengo

"He has a great glow to him, as if Lupus himself."