Flower is a perfectly formed yellow Dire wolf that is unknowingly Heep's sister. She has brown on top of her muzzle,










two years old

a filled-in orange circle around her left eye, and a white underbelly with a white-tipped tail.

Life and PersonalityEdit

Her parents were killed and was the only pup left out of the two born (the other was Heep). Typth, a yearling that lived away from the clans as a lone wolf, was there to hunt for Flower and then guided her to the MacMora's. He remained away from the clans, but Flower found him and wanted to be friends for what he did for her, and then...time later...they became mates.

Even though her brother is a nasty wolf, Flower is gentle, funny, nice, and calm, but can become ferocious if provoked. She made friends with Luna, a former gnaw wolf.

She had two pups during the war in an oak log. She told no one. No one noticed when she was getting bigger.


When she was strong enough to travel, the two parents set out with their pups. A vyrrwolf jumped out of the bushes, rolled Typth, which made him lose hold of Kao, who died upon impact on a rock. He only had half a tongue, the flaw that Flower missed. Then the vyrrwolf ripped open Typth's belly. In turn, Flower killed the vyrrwolf. When she started going nowhere in particular, she heard a thud. It was Kao that had either fallen from the star ladder or was given back by Typth. Anyhow, Flower had her son back!


Sunset - orange daughter

Kao - dark brown son whose named originated from oak, in which kao is backwards.

Unknown mother and father (deceased)

Heep - brother (deceased)

Typth - gray mate (deceased)