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Barn owl (Tyto alba)




Mate: Logan - deceased, in Glaumora
Daughter: Clove - living
Brother: Ivan, deceased, possibly a Hagsmire resident
Mother: Tayla - possibly living
Father: Albus - possibly living

Cause of death

Stabbed in the heart by Inji


Guardians of Ga'Hoole; formerly a Pure One. Resides in Glaumora.

Helena is a small female Barn owl, or Tyto alba.



Like her daughter Clove, Helena is very small for a female Barn owl. Helena has an exceptionally sharp beak and pair of talons, which earned her respect in the Pure One ranks. Her eyes are a deep, lustrous black, and she has thick, silky feathers.


Helena is smooth talking and seductive yet vicious in words as well as fighting. She has a soft spot for Clove.


Backstory Edit

Helena's PastEdit

Helena hatches to fighting. Her parents, Taylor and Albus, are arguing with the nest-maid snake, Violet. Helena's egg was cast aside as it was very small with a crack in the shell, but Violet saved the egg, and it hatched into Helena. Taylor and Albus are furious with Violet, and insult Helena, who is very small. They angrily refuse to taek care of Helena at all. More coming soon


Clove wonders several times on her shadowed past, and thinks about her mum and da, wondering who they were.

In the Canyonlands, Elijah battles with a very small yet fierce female Barn owl by the name of Helena. Elijah notices that she looks familiar, and thinks how she looks like Clove. Elijah then demands if she had a daughter, and Helena replies that her little 'Purity' was stolen away by her father, and they both got caught by a forest fire and vanished. Elijah then remembers how Clove was found by the search and rescue chaw as an owlet, found in the remains of a forest fire, and realises that Helena is Clove's mother. Elijah and Kato try to convince her that her daughter is alive, but Helena thinks that they are tricking her. Elijah then knocks Helena out, and he and Kato carry her to the tree.

More coming soon