This is a story about Rue's life with Clove.

Finding You

I sat down, terrified of the feathers poking around me. Where am I? I searched around a blocking wing, seeing other owlets like me. "She looks strong." I heard from the masked male owl in front of me. 

I puffed up my featehrs and hid my face behind them, scared to reveal myself to the dark world. I let the top slits of my eyes peek out, seeing that the owls have moved to another owlet. Finally. 

"W-where am I?" I question a swabling young female owl. She glanced at me with a cold and deadly stare. "Your a Pure One now hatchling." Yet her voice was so beautiful, so calming. 

I nodded, not needing to know more. 

One of the larger owls hopping towards me and reached his wing out and examine my features. "Ah, so your a spotted owl eh? So am I." His cold breath ran chills down my spine, making me puff up once more. 

I only nod and hop away, leaving the old owl alone. 

Just then, I hear a screech, then a cry of pain. I was thrown into the back of the hollow, with other frightened owlets. 

"What happened?- Whats going on?-" I was cut off as a masked owl with a tight grip grabbed hold of me and another, flying out of the hollow. 

I squirmed around, feeling horror flush around me. 

"I'm here to help you." Same words I heard the other group of owls say, but this owl, they sounded more sincere.

We flew over what seemed like a wooded land, then into a larger tree, which was filled with owls. Not again!