Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Clan MacNora Clan
Pack MacNora's
Health 100%
Status Packer
Pelt Color Black
Eye Color Blue

Kyo is a black large Dire male wolf with peircing blue eyes, with stunning features.


Kyo was born a natural leader. He had amazing hunting skills and incredible fighting skills. Even though his parents left him at an early age, his foster mother and father taught him the best they could. He became an expert and mostly everything, with his friend Atticus. They did everything together. Kyo was first a Lone Wolf. Thats how he got so good. But Kyo found out about the Packs and decided that maybe life would be easier in the packs. Atticus thought not and stayed a lone wolf.

Kyo found the MacMora's and joined it, making it stronger. He taught the wolves his own battle moves. TBC


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