Luna is a pure white she-wolf with brown paws, gray ears, and a black-tipped tail. She is  a Watch Wolf for her

Luna 1


MacMora (formerly)

currently: the Ring


Gnaw wolf (formerly)

Watch wolf (current)


Mayla - Sister


one year old

Important info:

gyre soul of a deceased malcadh

deformity: a halfway twisted left hind paw missing two toes.


Luna was left on a dried creek bed that was soon to flood. Her parents are deceased and her only sibling was found to be Mayla. Luna won the gaddergnaw for her great performance in the byrrgis and good gnawing of her story bone.

She trained early to be a Watch wolf; she knew it in her marrow that she would win. Plus, she didn't want to be ignorant when she got to the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes. She knows all the owls and how to spot a graymalkin--she was taught by an owl that rescued her from a cougar when she was on her tummfraw. The same owl, a rogue smith, told her to seek out a wolf pack when Luna was old enough. She still visits him sometimes. Her mother had kept her pups well-hidden for the most part, but then when the Obea came, Luna was weaned very early to eat mice and other rodents.

Later, she became friends with Flower when still a gnaw wolf.

Luna is the gyre soul of a deceased malcadh that didn't have much of a chance to live. Lupus sent her because he knew about the future and that Luna would be important to the war.


Luna is independent, strong, brave, smart, and nice to animals that are nice to her. She loves running and swimming and is a great hunter. She stands up for what she believes in. Wants to be somewhat of a leader and not the new wolf of the Watch. She doesn't like to be left out of things.


Unknown mother and father

Mayla - sister


He's that pure black wolf on my profile page who has a crush on Luna. She would want to have a mate and pups, but can't because it is against the Watch law for fear of passing their deformities onto their pups. They can only have pups when an embered king from Ga'Hoole retrieves the Ember and the Mending has occured; the Watch wolves are released and can have normal lives.

Luna might have a crush on him, too, but is unknown; when he muzzled her after the war was over, she snarled and walked away.