MacMora thrive in the warmest area of the Beyond. Enemies of MacNeart.



Aias- A big shaggy white male wolf with a gray, black and brown top coat. He also has brown/green eyes. RPer: Dawn


Ishan - male wolf with brilliant green eyes and a beautiful glistening pelt. Betrayed the clan, and is now a lone wolf, waiting for his revenge. RPer: Edme 

Flower - she-wolf with a yellow pelt with a filled-in orange circle around her eye. Has brown on her muzzle. RPer: Luna

Kulitak - black male wolf with a white muzzle and ears. RPer: Edme

Byrrigis Leaders:

Ikiaq - tawny male wolf. RPer: Silvah


Jei - Silver she-wolf with forest green eyes. RPer: Faolanmacduncan

Kala - Black she-wolf with green eyes. RPer: Faolanmacduncan

Cearest - Brown, dark brown, cream and white she-wolf with amber-green eyes. RPer: Raven

Irving - Dusky, spike-furred grey and brown male wolf with amber-green eyes. RPer: Keavy MacDuncan

Gnaw Wolves:

Citron - deceasedfemale wolf with a red pelt and nose. RPer: Edme

Guyan- male wolf without an ear. Betrayed the clan and is now a lone wolf with Ishan. RPer: Edme

Naito-brown male wolf with blue eyes. RPer: Night


Keavy - red female pup with blue-green eyes. RPer: Keavy MacDuncan



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