"The gifted and the extraordinary."

The MacMyths are a group of special wolves with special abilities and often unusual pelt colors, but they also need a weakness. They live hidden from the other clans, as their powers may cause mistrust and violence.



Tytus - a large brown and brownish/white colored she-wolf, she has big brown eyes and she also has 3 forms that she can shape-shift into: grizzly bear, snowy owl, and a cougar. RPer: Dawn


Raven - a female black she-wolf with amber eyes and large, glossy black feathered wings, giving her the ability to fly. RPer: Sorrel

Byrrigis Leaders:

Yamone - cyan wolf with black eyes with white pupils. Has the ability to read other wolves' minds, but gets horrible headaches randomly. RPer: Edme


Flight - cerulean coloured male with green eyes. Has the ability to shapeshift into any creature, Tytus's mate. RPer: Sorrel

Dart - Normal sized yellow wolf. Can create illusions on himself. RPer: Zombiejiger

Aurum - male gold wolf with the ability to change into any state of matter. Can also communicate mentally with his sister Argentum as well. RPer: Edme

Argentum - silver she-wolf witht the ability to teleport. Can also communicate mentally with her brother Aurum. RPer: Keavy MacDuncan

Gnaw Wolves:

Reemly - Medium sized wolf with no nose and missing one eye, mauled by grizzly. Has the ability to make himself invisible. RPer: Wolf

Storm - Normal size wolf with 3 legs. Has superspeed. RPer: Drobot

Kara - sleek black she-wolf with no tail, and a blind eye. She has one white paw and a icy blue eye, and her blind one is a dark green. She has the power to read thoughts and can see things far away, out of any wolf's view. RPer: Cinder

Perseus - humble dark brown male wolf without a tongue, so he has trouble speaking. Can sometimes communicate by thoughts, and also has the ability of persuasion. RPer: Edme.  Paws-  yellow wolf with 2 extra paws. ability:super strength rper:aj


Mano  - Small, mischevious, male pure white pup. Twin of Larga. Has the ability to teleport. RPer: Wolf

Larga - Unusualy large, female, white-colored pup, twin of Mano. Has the ability to shapeshift into any kind of bird and her normal wolf form. RPer: Dawn

Kuro - Black male pup with brown eyes. Has mysterious abilities. RPer: Sorrel



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