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This is a Roleplay for the wolves in the MacMyth Clan.


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Flight and Raven flew together over the Beyond. Flight was a Burrowing owl, his most comfortable form. "You fought well, sis." he said. "Brilliantly. You'll be remembered throughout history, just you watch." --- Raven chuckled. "So will you. You took control of the situation, and ended this war. It's because of you that the Beyond is back at peace. So, when will I meet my nieces and nephews?"--- Flight smiled. "Not long. I'm glad Tytus's pregnancy is coming along well, after everything. It's a miracle." ♫SorrelI'm telling the world♫ 19:13, May 6, 2014 (UTC)

Yamone tried followeing Flight and Raven back to camp, but eventually lost sight of them, and continued slowly on his own. He noticed a mouse nearby, hearing its thoughts. Quietly, he pounced on the rodent, and ate it hungrily. Peanutportrait.pngPeanutGrapeGrapeportrait.png