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"A miracle, born in the midst of a terrible event."
— Mayla to Aulus about their pups in War3/Roleplay

Mayla is a dire she-wolf of the MacAonairs. She is a packer, and is carrying Aulus's pups.







Mate: Aulus
Son: Shawi
Daughter: Loraly
Pup: TBA
Sister: Luna
Mother: Unnamed she-wolf; status unknown
Father: Unnamed wolf; status unknown


Fur: Pale amber upperparts; paler cream legs, chest and belly
Eyes: Light blue




Mayla is a small, elegant she-wolf with soft, silky amber coloured fur, with paler cream legs, chest and belly, with light blue eyes. At her birth, her eyes remained blue instead of changing colour to green, amber, brown or yellow.



The fate of Mayla's parents is unknown after her birth of her only sibling, a malcadh. The Obea took the malcadh away to die, and Mayla, undeformed, was given to a nursing she-wolf who had a healthy litter. It is suspected that they either died or became outclanners or lone wolves. The same is thought on the malcadh pup; either he or she died or grew up to become a lone wolf or outclanner.


Mayla is first seen drinking from a puddle. She then walks out of the camp for a walk after being annoyed by the gnaw wolf Rigo, and is followed by Aulus. Mayla greets him, and Aulus asks why she is out alone. She says that barely anyone talks to her because they think she is bad luck because of her unknown malcadh sibling. Aulus says he dosen't think she is cursed, and Mayla is suprised. She offers to for him to come hunting for a few hares, as she hadn't eaten much at the recent kill. They both spilt to catch some hares, and Mayla sees Mabaa and Broekk walking.


Mayla is loving, gentle and caring. She has a motherly, affectionate side, and is always willing to help those in need. She has a fierce side, which she only displays to her enemies.


"Her first memory was dim. She membered the gentle rhythym of her milk giver's heartbeat, and the soft squriming of a shape beside her. She couldn't see at the time as her eyes were sealed shut, but she had felt. She had felt that something had been different. Something had been either misshapen or missing, hadn't it?"

Mayla recalling her malcadh sibling, MacAonair/Roleplay