Notice: The Pure Ones are strictly made up of Tyto's. Your owl must be a Barn, Masked, Grass, Red or Sooty Owl.

Pure Ones


The Pure Ones are a group of tytos. They believe tytos are the 'Purest' of owls.

High Tyto:

Tytus - Large, ignorant Barn Owl. RPer: Wolf


 Inji - Large male Barn Owl. RPer: Edme

​Other Pure Ones:

Rudmore - deceased - large male Grass owl, ​Tyto capensis. ​RPer: Sorrel

Caila - Female Red Owl, Tyto aurantia. RPer: Moss

Helena - formerly - female Barn owl, ​Tyto alba. Clove's mother, swticthed sides to the guardians.  ​RPer: Sorrel

Remus -  male Masked owl, ​Tyto novehollandiae. ​RPer: Sorrel

Glenn - male Masked owl. RPer: Dawn

Shally - a female Barn Owl, Tyto Alba. RPer: Dawn

Training owls:

Clove - formerly -small female Barn owl, Tyto alba. Was secretly a slipgizzle for the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, but was found out so she escaped with Ank. RPer: Sorrel

Ank - formerly - Left Pure Ones to go to great tree. RPer: Wolf

Agnethe - Smallish, young female red owl, Tyto aurantia. RPer: Keavy MacDuncan


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