Remember me

Hopelessness. It was all I felt when the shear pain the my Alpha's teeth sank into my scruff. He tossed me into the grass and circled me once again. I couldn't remember, of what I did to cause this upon myself but I could see that I had broken pack laws. My Alpha, Bone, growled at me with a low tone, sinking his canines into me. I shrieked into the air, the Alpha paid no attention to this, he just bit me harder. "Bone stop! Stop right now!" Lupa, the Alpha female snarled and pulled Bone back. "Lupa! Why have you stopped me? I have not finished punishing Aulus!" Bone pulled back his lips and stepped towards his mate. Lupa stepped back and walked near another Packer named Falcon. Bone continued to brutally attack me again. "Stop.." I struggled to say, my mouth clamped shut by his. 

Finally after the ruthless attack ended, Bone reared around my ear and whispered in a growl. "If you dare question me, or correct me again omega, I will slit open your throat and have your sister watch you die slowly. " Bone walked away and left me on the ground, bleeding out. Nobody was allowed to help me, I had to heal on my own. More coming soon!