Vital statistics
Name Rigo
Gender Male
Clan MacAonair
Pack MacAonair's
Health 87% He usually keeps it around that.
Status Gnaw Wolf
Pelt Color Grayish black (smokey colour)
Eye Color Amber

Rigo is a Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) adult. Roleplayed by Dawn


Smoky grayish black male wolf. Amber brown eyes. Lighter gray belly. Big black ears with ruffles of fur behind them. Dark gray paws. Often described as handsome, despite his rank. Twisted front paw. His deformity doesn't change his appereance.

Life HistoryEdit

When Rigo was a newborn pup, the first think his mother Kyo noticed was his twisted paw. She rejected him immediatlly and gave him to the Obea. He was set in a open feild for his tummfraw. He was found by a snow leapord and raised until he was 5 months. The Snow Leapord Sheiba died and Rigo went to find his pack again. More to come soon!