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Grass owl (Tyto capensis)




Unnamed nephew; deceased


The Pure Ones

Rudmore is a large, heavily scarred male Grass owl.


Rudmore is defiantly not the kind of owl you'd want to be on the wrong side of. A creul, harsh Pure One with a passion for killing, Rudmore is power-seeking and very dangerous.


Rudmore is heavily scarred. His feathers are patchy and rough, making him a noisy flier. He has a talon missing from his port foot and two missing on the starboard. The tip of his nicked beak is missing, nicked in a fight with his nephew during his tupsi ceremony. Even though he succeeded in killing his nephew the young owl scarred him terribly on the face, also blinding him in one eye. His eyes are a dull black that flicker with haggish yellow light.



Rudmore is the first Pure One to notice that the guardians have come to ambush them. He screeches to attack as the unprepared Pure Ones rush to their weapons. He sees Adria distracted by a Pure One falling into a forest fire, and tries to ambush her, proceeding to rake off her short ear tufts. Clove sees him, and shrieks at her to watch out. Clove stops Rudmore, and Adria dives into the fire to get an Ashy-faced owlet. Rudmore tries to follow Adria and the owlet but Clove blocks him. They begin to fight, Rudmore being too slow to land any blows. Clove claws his shoulder and slices off one of his talons. Rudmore screeches in rage as Clove escapes. He then notices the search-and-rescue chaw fleeing with all the snatched eggs and owlets. Furious, he then sees Clove heading toward the cave where the eggs and owlets had been. He signals to another Pure One, and they begin to follow Clove.

Adria then sees them following Clove, and attacks visciously. Clove rushes into the cave, detecting the heartbeat of an egg not found by the search-and-rescue chaw. But as she turns to go, Rudmore flies in, and pins her down. He grabs her wing, and dislocates it and snaps the bone. Clove screeches in agony, and Adria grabs Rudmore's head to let her escape. Clove scrambles away, huddling her injured wing. Rudmore then pins Adria to the wall by her neck, and proceeds to stab her in the chest. But then Rudmore feels something cold plunge into his back, and he draws in a shuddering breath as Elijah hisses that his time is up. Elijah pulls the dagger from Rudmore's back as he falls over, dead.