This is the story of Tally and his sister, Flora - set before Tally came to the tree.☮Sorrel bunch of randomness :p☯☔ 02:55, December 8, 2013 (UTC)


Tally bounced up to Flora. "Flora! Flora! Do you want to play?" He hoped she would want to this time. She never wanted to play. However, when she turned her head, glaring at him, he knew the answer.

"Oh, sure! Why not? Then I suppose we'll all go to the Beyond and dive for the Ember of Hoole!" She snorted with heavy sarcasm before going back to inspecting her talons. "Do you think I'd want to play with you? Playing's for the babiest of owlets."

"But we kinda are owlets..." Tally pointed out, but he died away when she gave him another glare with a hard glint in her yellow eyes. Flora opened her beak to say something else - probably something mean, but at that moment their mum and da returned.

"Tally, Flora!" called their mum, Joy, as she landed gracefully in the hollow. Their clumsier da, Dally, tumbled in after her, crashing into a branch. He stumbled in, almost knocking Flora over.

"Sorry, sweetheart!" he puffed. Tally seemed to have inherited his father's clumsiness, but not all of it. He wasn't a flying disaster like Dally. Flora glared at her father, and then went back to inspecting her talons. Joy hopped up to Tally, a vole in her beak.

"Almost time for your branching, young man." She gave him a soft pat on the head with her wing. Flora shoved forward, glaring.

"Where's my supper? How comes Tally gets food and I don't -"

"Hold your wolves, Flora, you share the vole." Dally said, smiling at his daughter. Flora simply scowed. 

"But he'll eat it all, he's always hungry!"

"Flora, don't be rude." Joy snapped at Flora. "This is a large vole, and Tally doesn't scoff." Flora simply scowled, and sulkily ripped the vole in half, stamping away with her half. Tally didn't know why Flora didn't like him. How could she come from his parents? Joy and Dally were so nice in comparison.


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