Vital statistics
Name Tytus
Gender Female
Clan MacMyth
Pack MacMyth
Health Good
Status Chieftain.
Pelt Color Brown and creamy white, with flecks of gold around her chest and shoulders.
Eye Color Brown.

Tytus is a large, female Dire wolf. She has a big bulky white/creamy chest, and broad shoulders. Her thighs are also bulky and muscled, along with a skinny frame. Her back is covered with lush/glossy brown/gold fur along with her back and parts of her thighs and tail. Tytus's face is mostly white, despite a few brown patches around her forehead. Her ears are huge, compared to her head, which only helps her hear better than any other wolf. Her eyes have black rings around them, flecked with gold/brown fur. Her eyes are a deep pine brown, with darker spots of brown barely visible to the wolfs eye. She has long, and healthy canines, and a good set of molars that are able to tear through bones. Her claws are varied from dark brown to black, and they are also excessively long. She is also a shape-shifter, yet she can only shape-shift into a grizzly bear, snowy owl, and a cougar.


Before the Roleplay:Edit

Tytus was born to Cinna and Klyde. Both happy, young parents. She had a brother named Kyle, named after his noble father. Tytus was named after her great grandfather, who was a shape shifter himself. Tytus was the only pup out of her family, besides her Great grandfather, who had the gift of shape-shifting. Yet she could only shift into three other animals, a grizzly bear, a snowy owl, and cougar. Once her father found out, after Tytus turned into a cub, he grew furious, because he could not do what his daughter, or grandfather could. He abandoned his family, leaving Cinna and the pups to fend for themselves. 

The pups grew old enough to hunt for they're mother, and fed they're family. Cinna grew a close bond with another male wolf and became pregnant once more, giving birth to one pup, with no ears. The male wolf forced the two older pups out of the den and into the forest, to live on they're own, or together. But Tytus and Kyle were never close, so they seperated and Tytus found a place she could call home, she found the MacMyth clan. She told them of her power, even showed them, and they let her stay as a Packer, until she ranked up to Chieftain. She is now Cheiftain of MacMyth Pack.

In the Roleplay:Edit

Tytus is first seen looking for Flight.


Tytus is a very kind, wise young and strong she-wolf. She is not afraid to share her opinion to others int the pack and she has always loved pups. Tytus is kind to her pack-mates, and treates everyone the same, even Gnaw wolves. She is also deathly afraid of her father, because he has threatened her pack more than once. 

Dawn's ArtworkEdit


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