Notice: To be a Watch Wolf, you must be in the wiki for 2 weeks. Also, your wolf must be disfigured!

Watch Wolves


Watch Wolves watch the Great Ember in the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes. They are all Gnaw Wolves who have won the gaddernaw. Mating is against the rules.



Fies-Small but tough wolf. Was born too soon, but lived with a tiny body. RPer: Edme

Wind Scouts:

Vekli - white, gray, and tan swirled she-wolf with no toe spaces on her front right paw. RPer: Luna

Kaleb - black and white male wolf with a missing tail. RPer: Edme


Lobo- Tawny wolf missing a rib RPer: WolfRunner

Ujurak - brown wolf with one eye. RPer: Sorrel

Watch Wolves:

Caedmon - white wolf with blood red paws with six toes on each paw. RPer: Silvah

Coganus - Jet black wolf without a tongue. Has developed a way to communicate. RPer: Edme 

Yumess - pure white wolf with a missing toe. RPer: Edme

Luna - white wolf with brown paws, gray ears, and a black-tipped tail. Halfway twisted paw missing two toes. RPer: Luna



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