Cheiftain (head):


Lieutenant (second in head):




Before adding your character's grade, please expand it and put it up for nomination here.

About the projectEdit

Project characters is a project on making your character pages amazing, and a chance to make them the featured article.



Users who have joined the project and haven't nominated and worked on an article yet.


Users who have nominated and started to work on at least one article.


Users who have nominated and passed at least three articles. If a lieutenant resigns and moves back to packer/leaves the project/becomes chieftain, they must choose a packer to become lieutenant.


Second-in-head. If a lieutenant resigns and moves back to packer or leaves the project/becomes chieftain, they must choose a packer to become lieutenant.


Overall leader of the project. They choose the lieutenant.

Article 'set-out'Edit

All pages start out as 'bronze' grade. In order to have at least 'silver' grade, your page must:

  • Have an infobox
    • For wolves: rank, family, clan, gender and species
    • For owls: allegiance (i.e. Pure One, Guardian of Ga'Hoole), rank (chaw for GoG or rank in the Pure Ones), family, gender and species (with scientific name)
  • A main quote
  • the 'this character belongs to so-and-so' template (optional)
  • Image (Life-image)/charart (charart is optional)
  • A description in heading two, with the following heading three sections after it:
    • A detailed appearance (titled 'Appearance')
    • A detailed personality (titled 'personality')
    • A gift section - only for MacMyth wolves.
  • A 'Life' in heading two. Benetah, there is:
    • In heading three 'backstory'. This shows the past in detail before the start of roleplay. If your character is born into the roleplay, state who they were born to.
    • A heading three 'Roleplay'. This shows a detailed history of your character, from their frist roleplay to present time.
  • Quotes section
    • For silver, at least 3 quotes.
    • For gold, at least 5 quotes.
  • Trivia - optional. This shows anything unusual about your character. Such as: any inspiration for their name, character, (can include how you'd imagine their voices to sound like) or any future plans. Can also include any gift they have (non-MacMyth, such as star/firesight, fyrgnot resistance, any other unique abilities).